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A Special Thank You To...

Phunzira would like to thank all the following companies and institutions for the invaluable support and financial assistance they have provided to help our charity over the years:


 Zulunkhuni River Lodge




 Engineering for Africa

For all their help in housing our volunteers working out in Ruarwe   For all the brilliant donations used at our fundraising events   For all the wonderful volunteers that have assisted us in Ruarwe



 Blossom House School


 indiGO Volunteers

For joining us as our first corporate sponsor
  For the art materials, fundraising and school links   For assisting with volunteer placements in Malawi

 Butterfly Space




 Freckleface Photography

 For supporting our volunteers out in Malawi   For all their support in Ruarwe including management training    For all the brilliant photos - thanks Emma!


Malawi Mangoes

  Twig   Portland Place School
For shipping all of our wonderful donations out to Malawi
  For the fundraising, volunteers and educational dvd's
  For all the amazing books which are stocking up our library in Ruarwe


 Studio Australia    Volunteer 4 Africa
   John Wesley Primary School 
For all the fantastic mats and exercise equipment
  For promoting our charity in the volunteer world
   For the wonderful donations to Ruarwe Primary School


   Wild Earth
  Netball UK
 For the kits distributed at the youth club's football tournaments
  For powering the haemoglobin meters at the nearby clinics
  For the donations of netball bibs for the youth club sports activities

A big thank you as well to...

Kai To and Simon Angel for building our website, and James Burke for creating our logo.

Ben Baliti and Steve Biggins for their brilliance in designing the centre from so far away.

All our volunteers that have helped us build our dream so far: Rosa Nissim, Steve Biggins, Al Bruce, Zak Boughtwood, Rhodri Thomas, Stacey Clifford, Rachel Nissim, Lowna Gie, Allistar, Penny Court, Chris Reps, Emma Jacobs, Georgina Angel, Akiyo Higaki, Dan Arnold, Amy Wright, Gavin Keen, Ruth Harrison, Nicola Suckley, Andrew Grant, Alice Ladenburg, Olivia Lucey, Natasha Herriott, Holly Penalver, Philippa Mander, Karen Hanks, Tom George, Juliane Fehlhauer, Erik Grootveld, David Lyon, Josh Portnoi, Odet Avnat, Ron Shifroni, Jon Angel, Michael Walton, Naomi Walmsley, Jonny Harris, Phoebe Howells, Gemma Argyle, Holly Anderson, Annie Goldie, Patrick Sharkey, Georgia Thompson, Richard Noden, Astrid Eriksen, Malthe Pederson, Henry Essam, Emma Berridge, Alison Mawson, Emma Featherstone, Shirani Rajapaksa, Hollie Kluczewski, Elena Gelsthorpe-Hill, Kate Munday, Daniel Kingscote, Charlie Webber, Karl Girling, Philippa Grant, Andrew Gale, Harriet Fenton, Oliver Sopp, Christian Spring, Hayley Crow, Mayer Nissim, Jenny Strauss, Kate O'Brien, Tim Chambers, Matthijs van Jaarsveld, Stacey Everton, Li-an Yeng, Henry Roberts, Stravriana Charilaou, Jack Narborough, Didier Bessone, Cloe Legrand, Asa Euridge, Kai Huang, Benjamin Munson, Adam Rice, Kumbirai Tanekha, Matthew Stuart, Alex Mansfield, Helen Terry, Albany Vincent, Ed Hovington, Joe Clarke-McGhee, Cara Daley, Annabel Wheatland, Sadha Spence, Katie Hanlon, Patrick Hoffeins, Fieke de Goede, Khairul Omar, Rebekah Clancy, Nienke Leenders, Julia Turner, Alexandra Ross-Elliott, Leah Desmonds, Lucy Harvey, James Gracey, James Fitzgerald, Emily Fearon, Lucy Bushby, Imogen Littlejohns, Carla & Jarett Smyth, David Brooks, Eleanor Cebabian, Daniel Korn, Elpitha Bruce, Jennifer Chapman, Stavri Bruce, Robert Bailey, Mandy Fuchs, Patrick Harvey, Orjit Banerji, Moira Walker and Shuchita Soni, Helen Burkitt, Florence O'Connor, Florence Moore-Ceaton, Elizabeth Nunn, Robyn Hollands, Megan Levi, Robert Hook, Anders Jensen, Magnus Jensen and Christa Roby, Haolin Zheng, Sarah Balls, Isabel Billowes, Hannah Ward, Alice Worsley, Gloria Ferenando, Ross Auld and Lily Allport. YEWO CHOMENI!!

A special thank you to...

Our repeat volunteers who have proved to be a wonderful walking advertisement: Rosa Nissim, Georgie Angel, Steve Biggins, Juliane Fehlhauer, Amy Wright, Philippa Mander, Ron Shifroni, Erik Grootveld, Richard Noden, Patrick Sharkey, Karl Girling, Daniel Kingscote, Chris Spring, Albany Vincent, Lucy Harvey, Mandy Fuchs and Hayley Crow - don't stop coming back to visit us!