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How UK Schools Can Get Involved


Donate books and school equipment

Phunzira has been lucky enough to receive many kind donations from Nower High High School, Portland Place and Blossom House School. If your school has any spare educational resources that it wishes to donate (text books, exercise books, stationary, lab equipment etc.) then please consult our Phunzira Wish List and contact for further information.

Send a teacher out to volunteer

We are looking for secondary school teachers in Maths, English and Science to run sessions at nearby schools for students (and local teachers, depending on your qualifications). We expect all teachers to commit for a minimum of six months, so if you want to come but you don't think you'll be able to stay for that long then you are most welcome to join the classes as a teaching assistant, as well as run educational workshops at NYM during your stay.
For more information on volunteering please go to the Volunteers Page.

Join our school links programme

Phunzira strongly believes in the power of education, not only in terms of a child’s academic and professional development, but also in relation to furthering one’s ability to make rational and logical decisions in life outside the classroom. We believe that creating links between children around the world encourages the development of more accurate perspectives, as well as enabling young people to form varied relationships early on in life. We aim to connect not just the schools but also the children, with the hope that these relationships will continue long into the future, and will provide children of all ages with the opportunity to learn about different ways and cultures directly from the source. If your school is interested in setting up links (such as penpals, video diaries etc.) then please refer to our School Links pack and consult for more information.

We have a short handout with 10 facts about Malawi - if you are interested in teaching the students at your school a bit more about the social and educational environment in one of the poorest parts of Africa then click here: Malawi Facts Handout.